Southside Snake Services

Brisbane's Southside Snake Relocation

We want to bring education, safety and awareness of our slithery friends. We are an all female staffed company working across Brisbane’s Southside, removing and relocating these gorgeous creatures.


Southside Snake Services work in collaboration with Wild Care, RSPCA, Australia Zoo and Currumbin wildlife centre to name a few, relocating animals for their safety and yours!


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Servicing Brisbane's Southside

Mission Statement

Founded in 2010, Southside Snake Services have worked with reptiles for over 30 years. At Southside Snake Services, we love and respect these wonderful creatures, providing relocation services.

Contact Details

Phone: 0408886225
Email: [email protected]

Physical Address: 14-18 Punter Street, Greenbank QLD 4124


    Snake relocation
    Pest control service
    Snake handling